Sunday, 25 January 2015

How To Make A Birthday Party Hat

Birthday Party Hat Project


This is a great idea for a classroom project when your students have a birthday and you want to celebrate in a big way by having them design and make their own party hat!

*construction paper in variety of colours
*self adhesive sparkle foam to cut into shapes( or you could buy precut shapes or letters and customise this project further)
*scotch tape
*yarn or string
*a stapler (optional)
*sharpie pen

Pull out a piece of construction paper in the colour of your choice and fold in half.

Draw a semi circle along the bottom as a guide for where to cut the excess paper off and help create your cone shape.

Fold your paper creating a cone with the uncut portion at the top and the rounded portion open and at the bottom. tape in place at the back down the centre, you can also staple in place if you have a stapler handy.

Have your students draw shapes on the back portion of the sparkle self adhesive foam sheet. Then cut them out and remove the paper to stick them on the hat to decorate it.

Cut 2 arm length sections of yarn or string and create a knot at one end, tape to the inside putting the tape below the knot, or use a stapler for added security. Repeat this step again on the other side.

Put the hat on your head, tie it up and party like it's 1999!


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