Tuesday, 10 February 2015

14 things i love about you jar

Since Valentines is fast approaching my daughter and I tried thinking of a great gift to give a grownup on valentines day since kids enjoy candy and adults enjoy sentiment. My daughter also wanted to create something special for her Grandma this valentines so we came up with the "14 things I love about you jar", something Grandma can enjoy long after Valentines has passed as well. 
The great thing about this project is it lends well to the classroom, since kids can make one for mom or dad and bring it home to surprise them!

A glass jar with a lid, a great idea is to re purpose one that has been cleaned.
construction paper in pink and red
a sharpie pen or pencil
sparkle self adhesive foam sheets
tag paper punch
one hole punch
heart stickers(optional)

Fold construction paper in half and draw about three hearts on the fold for each section of folded paper, you can get about 10-12 hearts per sheet. They should be note sized and not too big since you want to fit 14 of them in a jar.

Cut out hearts and set aside.

Create a list of 14 things you love about the person you will give this gift to.
 Here are some examples that my daughter came up with:

1) I love that you play with me
2) I love that you take me horseback riding
3) I love your kisses and cuddles
4) I love waking up with you in the morning
5) I love when you make me breakfast
6) I love the colour of your hair
7) I love that you are funny
8) I love when you call me just to say hello
9) I love when you bring me presents
10) I love that you take me grocery shopping
11) I love when you tuck me in a read me stories
12) I love watching TV with you
13) I love your laugh
14) I love that you bring your dog to visit me

Write "I love" on each piece and have your child/students write each thing they love from their list on their heart shaped notes one at a time, this took a while since my daughter is not totally literate yet, and needed alot of help with spelling out her words, but that's is okay, this could be a project that has several steps that could span several classes....so that's not a bad thing.

Once all the notes are written fold them and stuff them in the jars and close the lid, put a little tag on the outside, you can either cut one out or use a paper punch like i did to create your tag, use a one hole punch to create a hole in your tag.  

Write in your nicest cursive on the tag"14 things i love about you to open when you are feeling blue".

Attach the tag via ribbon and create a pretty bow.  Cut out a nice sparkly heart from your sparkle foam and stick it to the top to add a bit of pizazz to the jar.  

Gift it to your Valentine!


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