Monday, 29 December 2014

New Years Sign Craft and FREEBIE

As New Year approaches Tweet Resources is celebrating with this adorable New Years Sign you can make in your home, and a fun little freebie for your little learners! Tweet Resources wishes you and yours a wonderful New Year and would like to thank you for following us on our new blog adventure in 2014.

New Years Sign Craft

* colored tissue paper cut into 2 inch squares
*school glue
*poster board or thick construction paper 
(you can also use old cereal boxes, they just need to be a medium thickness so they hold their shape and don't get floppy after adding the collage elements)
*pencil or sharpie
*1 hole punch
*ribbon, thick string, or cord to hang your sign
*pom poms(optional)
*glitter (optional)
Draw out the numbers onto your poster board and let your children or students cut out the shapes.

Then, use your one hole punch to create holes in the numbers to tie your string for the sign to hang on later.

Next, put glue dots all over your numbers about 1 inch apart and use your pencil on the side of the eraser to create a flower like shape with the tissue paper squares. Use 2 squares per flower and press firmly down into the glue dot and gently remove the pencil leaving the tissue paper flower behind.

Repeat this step until the whole number is covered in tissue paper flowers and there are no spaces. If there are spaces in between, you can put some more tissue paper flowers to fill the gaps.

You may also like to use pom poms for some of  the other numbers if you want to have some variety or you have them handy, but i found that they didn't stick as well and some eventually fell off when i hung up the sign. So, using other materials is completely optional, but tissue paper squares worked the best and look the nicest in my opinion. 

And, if you are super game..... you can add glitter to the pom poms, gives it a bit of shine. (Just remember to keep a dustpan and broom handy!)

Finally, cut 5 inch lengths of string and tie them to each letter in the holes that you previously cut with your one hole punch to string them together. Hang up the numbers where you want your guests to see when they come over to celebrate New Years with you! 

If you don't happen to have any of these craft materials on hand and wish to make a quick 2015 sign, Chrystine has created a 2015 freebie template (along with a few other goodies) for you to download for free. You can download this freebie by clicking the following link:

Please enjoy, and on behalf of Tweet Resources we wish you a Happy New Year!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

How To Make A Christmas Tree Craft

Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Ornament Craft

This is a great project for ages 4-7.  Easy to do, minimal cleanup and the supplies are easy to find at any dollar store or craft shop.  I used vintage buttons I had on hand to do mine but you can buy packs of mixed buttons from a dollar store, craft shop or from any fabric store.  I bought these little plastic snow flakes from the dollar store and my daughter then wouldn't look at any other options to decorate her tree as she's a bit of a die hard "Frozen" fan!  She was calling them "Elsa tree's after she was

*Popsicle sticks in various colours or plain
*20-30 buttons or pom poms or sequins (this project can have many variations if you have certain things on hand)
*school glue

Glue your Popsicle sticks to form a triangle by putting small dots of glue on each corner and over lapping the sticks.  Then place one down the centre to create the tree's trunk.

Put small dots of glue about 1 inch apart all along your tree shape and along the trunk, add one button to each glue dot and leave to dry overnight. Try and not move the tree until it's totally dry as it might fall apart.

Put the ribbon on it by threading it through the middle trunk stick near the top of the tree and making a knot.

Hang on tree and enjoy year after year!