Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Valentines lollipop covers

This is a fun project to help develop fine motor skills, hand sewing is a great way to start kiddos on their sewing journey!  Plus this would be a great project to have kids in class do, each could make one to bring home to mommy or daddy for Valentines!

Felt sheets in pink, red or purple
yarn in any colour ( I used a variegated pink/purple)
easy to use large and dull embroidery needle, you can get these at craft stores in plastic or metal.
lollipops in standard size
 draw a large heart with an open bottom (big enough to squeeze your lolli into) fold it over another sheet of felt and cut out 2.

string an arms length of yarn onto your needle, tie both ends together.
start stitching at the bottom of one heart leaving the bottom portion open so you can get your lolli in later, stitch from top to bottom, all along the sides of your heart.
when you get to the other side of your felt heart after stitching your way around, cut the string close to the needle leaving a large portion of string left to tie around the bottom to close it once your lolli is stuffed inside.
add your lolli by gently stuffing it inside the heart pocket, then tie it in with the loose string by wrapping them around the lolli stick.

share them with your favorie valentines and surprise them with a little heart shaped pocket of sweet love!

my girls certainly enjoyed them!


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