Sunday, 4 January 2015

3D Glue and Salt Painting

3d Glue and Salt painting

*school glue
*water colour paper
*masking tape
*coarse sea salt or Epsom salts(i like to use sea salt because it's edible)
*acrylic paint
*paint brushes
*bucket of water
*palette for paints

Cut out 8x10 squares of paper approximately and tape them down with the masking tape to whatever surface you are working on.

***A good quick tip I learned after doing this is a cookie sheet would be a good surface! That way you can tip the cookie sheet after you sprinkle your salt to shake off your extras back into the bowl, and your painting remains intact. Plus, it gives you a barrier from your table in case any paint gets on your surface.  (Note to self: buy some cookie sheets just for crafting with the kiddo's!)

Use a bottle of school glue to create shapes on your paper, swirls seem to work best or easy shapes like circles and squares, i tried to do a snow flake but it turned into a bit of a

Sprinkle liberally with your coarse salt and let it sit for 10 minutes to dry a that time get your paints ready in your palette, you only need a small amount of each colour since you add quite a bit of water so you can gently drop the colours onto the salt.

 Use your paintbrush to gently dab colours onto your salt, the salt will absorb the colour and spread creating a need 3D effect and a bit like a tye dye!

When you have made dabs of colour over the whole thing let dry for several hours, the thickness of the glue will take a while to completely dry, and you want it dry before removing the tape and displaying it! Have fun!


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