Thursday, 2 April 2015

egg coloring for easter!

Easter is just a few days away and a great family project we do every year is egg dying.  We do this the few days before Easter so that we can eat them after wards in the coming days.  All kiddos love this project but it can get messy so i use a large Rubbermaid container to keep the splashes from getting away from the eggs.

white eggs
food colouring
bowls big enough to submerge eggs
*boil a dozen eggs for 12 minutes until hard boiled.  Set aside.
*mix 1 cup of boiled water with 1/4 cup of vinegar in a bowl and add 20 drops of food colouring.  Do this for yellow, red and blue(primary colours).

*put your bowls, eggs and whisks in a Rubbermaid bin for the kiddos to colour the eggs how they choose.  If the eggs are still hot they will dry faster and make it fun for double dipping and colour variations. The whisks are great for putting the eggs in and preventing them from getting broken by little ones who aren't so gentle.
Happy Easter!

Sight Word NO PREP Extension Series!

So Alisa and I have been so moved by the feedback from our "Sight Word Fluency & Word Work" Series, that we were motivated to continue our collaborations. We have been working secretly behind the scenes to bring to you an extension pack that will enhance our series and excite your students about their reading!!!

Our aim was to cover beneficial skills, yet keep the NO PREP format with engaging activities. And so here it is our first of 4 extension sets (This one coordinates with Set #1).

This bundle is made up of 3 smaller packages. Each of the packages use the same 40 sight words from the original "Sight Word Fluency & Word Work" series, Set #1. Like the original series, these packages have been created using the same format and are cumulative as well. 

The first package is FANTASTIC for extending fluency practice. We call it "Sight Word Practice Pages" because there are 5 fluency sentences for each page. Students will have to practice not only writing the sight word 3 times, but showing comprehension by reading a sentence and drawing a picture to show they can read the sentence and completing a cut and paste activity that works on sentence structure. So many IMPORTANT SKILLS on one page! Hooray!

AND...... the great news is that we have also made a tiny FREEBIE from this package so that you can try it out with your students before you purchase it! 

The second package, which we call "Sight Word Sentence Repair Shop" is an activity that I have used in my "On The Go" packages and many teachers have been requesting more. So we thought this was a great activity to use with our sight word series. My favorite part about these printables is that students can check their own work themselves by scanning the QR code on each page.

Do you want to try this activity out as well? Well, the great news is that we also have created a mini freebie to see if this activity is one that suits your classroom! 

Our last activity that we have created for this extension series are these adorable "Sight Word Mini Readers". We wanted to make something that students could take home, and share with their friends and families. I printed some out today and enjoyed reading them with my daughter. She LOVED that she had a cute little book that she could hold in her hands and share with me. 

AND........ low and behold, you can also download a Sight Word Mini Reader FREEBIE to try out the mini readers right here on my blog! I hope you love them as much as I do:)

Okay, well it's midnight here in Australia and officially Good Friday! So I'm logging off for the night & shall return back tomorrow to fix up any mishaps, typos, etc that my nearly crossing eyes may have missed at this hour! Please enjoy!!!! Chrystine