Sunday, 18 January 2015

Sharpie Tie Dye

Sharpie Tie Dye

Do you have some plain white t-shirts hanging that just beg to have something interesting done to them to make them wearable?  Then this is the craft for you!
*Pack of sharpies or permanent markers in your favourite colours
*Rubbing alcohol (I used vodka since i couldn't find the rubbing alcohol, just don't let the kiddos drink their painting
*White t-shirts


Pick the colours you like and put large dots of those colours a few inches apart on your tshirt, covering it with a good selection of dots.

Pour a little of your rubbing alcohol into a cup or jar and dip your brushes into it, dropping drips onto your sharpie dots on your shirts.  Make sure to do this over and over again and really soak the dots to help the ink spread.

My oldest daughter started to get creative with her sharpies and drew a whole decorative scene, but of course I am never surprised, (she always marches to her own drummer...:)

Make sure to really soak the shirt in the alcohol and let it dry, Then iron it to help it set before washing it.  Putting it in a hot dryer will also help keep the colors bright and vibrant.

Have fun!!!


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