Thursday, 7 May 2015

mothers day bouquet

The gift that keeps on giving on mothers day, flowers that are colourful and never die! Mother will be pleased!

*clay pots
*foam balls(i chose 6 inch Styrofoam balls)
*cupcake wrappers in a variety of bright colours
*colourful buttons
*tissue paper in a fun bright colour

*cover your Styrofoam ball with a layer of  tissue paper, place the open part inside the clay pot.
*Choose any colour of cupcake wrapper and fold them to inside out so the colour is on the inside. If you have mini cupcake wrappers add those to the centre to create a better looking flower, poke through the centre with a toothpick and add a button to the end, gently poke into the Styrofoam ball.
*continue to make as many flowers as are necessary to fill all the gaps on your bouquet.
Give to your mother and make her super happy!


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